Reply to ‘Simpson’s paradox in proof-of-concept studies’

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Correspondence to Patrice D Cani.

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P.D.C. is an inventor on patent applications (PCT/EP2013/073972; PCT/EP2016/071327, and PCT/EP2016/060033 filed with the European Patent Office (EP) and the patent offices of Australia (AU), Brazil (BR), Canada (CA), China (CN), Eurasian Patent Organization (EA), Israel (IL), India (IN), Hong Kong (HK), Japan (JP), South Korea (KR), Mexico (MX), New Zealand (NZ), and the United States (US)) dealing with the use of A. muciniphila and its components in the context of obesity and related disorders. P.D.C. is a co-founder of A-Mansia Biotech SA.

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