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Extended Data Fig. 9: Gating strategy for ICS.

From: IFN-γ-independent immune markers of Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure

Extended Data Fig. 9

A representative gating tree for flow analysis of cells following stimulation with antigen. Gating (top row) began with singlets, followed by viable cells. Lymphocytes were then identified by size, and CD3 expression was used to focus on T cells. The T cells were then separated into CD4 versus CD8 co-receptor subsets. For each subset (CD4 middle row, CD8 bottom row), cytokines were visualized by gating against IFN-γ. Pink boxes demonstrated positive staining. Positivity of cytokines was determined by DMSO negative and SEB positive controls as well as by gating on CD3 negative populations (not shown). Gating for CD4 and CD8 cytokines was determined separately.

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