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c-MAF and BLIMP-1 inhibit pathobiont-induced colitis by common and distinct immune pathways

The intestinal immune response is tightly controlled to limit inflammation, largely by the cytokine IL-10, which prevents colitis. We report that the transcription factors c-MAF and BLIMP-1 induced IL-10 in T cells in the colon, but also acted to negatively regulate distinct cytokine pathways to restrict pathobiont-induced colitis.

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Fig. 1: c-MAF and BLIMP-1 in T cells limit pathobiont-induced colitis through control of common and distinct pathways.


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This is a summary of: Alvarez-Martinez, M. et al. Blimp-1 and c-Maf regulate immune gene networks to protect against distinct pathways of pathobiont-induced colitis. Nat. Immunol. (2024).

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