Supplementary Fig. 2: Bhlhe40 is cell-intrinsically required in LPMs. | Nature Immunology

Supplementary Fig. 2: Bhlhe40 is cell-intrinsically required in LPMs.

From: Bhlhe40 mediates tissue-specific control of macrophage proliferation in homeostasis and type 2 immunity

Supplementary Fig. 2

a, Ratio of CD45.1 to CD45.2 cells for small pleural macrophages and pleural B cells from mixed bone marrow chimeras as in Fig. 2d. b, Flow cytometry for the discrimination of donor and recipient LPMs and peritoneal B cells from CD45.1/CD45.2 recipients of transferred peritoneal cells as in Fig. 2k, l. c,d, Gene expression microarray data from Bhlhe40+/+ and Bhlhe40-/- LPMs (in this study) and LysM-Cre- Gata6fl/fl, and LysM-Cre+ Gata6fl/fl LPMs (reanalyzed from 36) were analyzed for shared and unique Bhlhe40 and/or Gata6-dependent genes ( ≥ 2-fold differentially expressed, depicted as a Venn diagram) (c) and differentially expressed genes dependent on both Bhlhe40 and Gata6 (d). e, Gene expression microarray data were analyzed for expression of an LPM gene signature in LPMs and AMs from Bhlhe40+/+ and Bhlhe40-/- mice. Microarray data from LPMs (n = 3/group) and AMs (n = 2/group) are from a single experiment. Data in a are mean ± s.e.m; each symbol represents an individual mouse (a). Significance calculated with an unpaired two-sided Student’s t-test.

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