Correction to: Nature Immunology (2018), published online 10 September 2018.

In the version of this article initially published, in the legend to Fig. 1b, the description of the frequency of TH17-IL-10+ clones was incomplete for the first group; this should read as follows: “...13 experiments with clones isolated from CCR6+CCR4+CXCR3 T cells...”. Also, the label along the vertical axis of the bottom right plot in Figure 5b was incomplete; the correct label is ‘IFN-γ+ cells (%)’. Finally, in the first sentence of the final paragraph of the final Results subsection, the description of the regions analyzed was incorrect; that sentence should begin: “DNA motif–enrichment analysis of the subset-specific H3K27ac-positive regions...”. The errors have been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.

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    • Dominik Aschenbrenner

    Present address: Translational Gastroenterology Unit, NDM Experimental Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

  1. These authors contributed equally: Samuele Notarbartolo and Federica Sallusto.


  1. Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, Università della Svizzera italiana, Bellinzona, Switzerland

    • Dominik Aschenbrenner
    • , Mathilde Foglierini
    • , David Jarrossay
    • , Antonio Lanzavecchia
    • , Samuele Notarbartolo
    •  & Federica Sallusto
  2. Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Lausanne, Switzerland

    • Mathilde Foglierini
  3. Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases and Evergrande Center for Immunologic Diseases, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

    • Dan Hu
    • , Howard L. Weiner
    •  & Vijay K. Kuchroo
  4. Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

    • Federica Sallusto


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Correspondence to Samuele Notarbartolo or Federica Sallusto.

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