Reconciling S-LDSC and LDAK functional enrichment estimates

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Fig. 1: Likelihood comparison of different models of per-SNP heritability.
Fig. 2: Comparison of functional enrichment estimates in analyses of UK Biobank traits.

Data availability

Baseline-LD model version 1.1 can be found at UK Biobank association statistics, computed with BOLT-LMM v2.3, are available at

Code availability

LDSC software is available at LDAK version 5 is available at


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We are grateful to P.-R. Loh for assistance with UK Biobank data and to L. O’Connor, D. Speed and D. Balding for helpful discussions. This research was conducted by using the UK Biobank Resource under Application 16549. A.L.P. is funded by NIH grants U01 HG009379, R01 MH101244 and R01 MH107649. S.G. is funded by NIH K99 HG010160-01. H.K.F. is funded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt and NIH DP5-OD024582. Computational analyses were performed on the Orchestra High-Performance Compute Cluster at Harvard Medical School.

Author information

S.G., H.K.F. and A.L.P. designed experiments. S.G. performed experiments. S.G., C.M.L. and H.K.F. analyzed data. S.G., H.K.F. and A.L.P., with assistance from C.M.L., wrote the manuscript.

Correspondence to Steven Gazal or Hilary K. Finucane or Alkes L. Price.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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Supplementary Information

Supplementary Notes, Supplementary Figs. 1–23 and Supplementary Tables 1 and 5

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