Supplementary Figure 5: Results of OncoTreat analysis. | Nature Genetics

Supplementary Figure 5: Results of OncoTreat analysis.

From: A precision oncology approach to the pharmacological targeting of mechanistic dependencies in neuroendocrine tumors

Supplementary Figure 5

The heat map shows enrichment of the master regulators of each tumor and the H-STS xenograft model on the protein activity signature elicited by each drug perturbation on H-STS cells. Enrichment strength is shown as –log10 (P value), estimated by one-tailed aREA analysis, and is indicated by the numbers. Metastases showing significant similarity, at the master regulator level, to the H-STS xenograft model were included in the left-most heat map (see Fig. 2a). The remaining metastases are shown in the right-most heat map. The enrichment plot to the left shows enrichment of the patient 0 master regulators recapitulated by the xenograft model, on each drug perturbation protein activity signature.