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A call for an ‘Asilomar’ for cultivated meat and seafood

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Fig. 1: An Asilomar for cultivated meat and seafood.


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We thank members of the University of Torino Future of Eating (FEAT) research group and the Fondazione Luca Coscioni for insightful discussions. This work was supported by PON R&I Azione IV.5 & IV.6 - FSE REACT-EU (PhD fellowship, S. Bottini; research fellow, C.F.), Save The Chickens Foundation (N.S.), a PoV grant from University of Torino (A.B.) and Lazio Innova 2021 (C.G.).

Author information

Authors and Affiliations



S. Bottini, C.F. and N.S. wrote the first draft of the manuscript. A.B., S. Biressi, L.C. and C.G. revised the manuscript. A.B. conceptualized the manuscript and coordinated the group. Equally contributing, and jointly supervising, authors are listed alphabetically in the author list.

Corresponding authors

Correspondence to Alessandro Bertero, Stefano Biressi, Luciano Conti or Cesare Gargioli.

Ethics declarations

Competing interests

A.B. is an inventor on a cellular agriculture patent and a cofounder, shareholder and member of the scientific advisory board of SoundEats, a cultivated seafood company. L.C. and S. Biressi are inventors on a provisional patent application on cellular agriculture. The remaining authors declare no competing interests.

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Bottini, S., Fuoco, C., Schiavo, N. et al. A call for an ‘Asilomar’ for cultivated meat and seafood. Nat Biotechnol 41, 895–897 (2023).

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