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Career feature

Retaining postdocs by recognizing their worth

Data from a postdoc salary and benefits survey may assist in retaining PhD holders interested in academia but considering alternate options owing to financial considerations.

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Fig. 1: Postdoc salaries in the Boston area need adjustment for a Boston living wage.


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The authors are indebted to Gary McDowell for providing valuable resources, personally communicating data, discussions and feedback on this manuscript. The authors also thank D. Khong, E. McKay, T. Sainburg, G. Romero, A. Cha and S. Nandagopal. They are grateful to J. Gould and M. Tally at the Office of Postdoctoral Fellows of the HMS for their unwavering support, funding and resources.

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R.M.C., E.Y. and M.C. conceived and designed the manuscript, and curated and interpreted the data. E.Y. acquired the data and R.M.C. analyzed it. M.C. wrote and supervised the manuscript. All authors read the manuscript.

Corresponding author

Correspondence to Mayank Chugh.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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