Table 1 Selected IPR pledges in response to COVID-19a

From: Pledging intellectual property for COVID-19

IPR holderPledge dateIPR pledgedSeparate license required?User restrictions or obligations
Unilateral pledges
AbbVie9 March 2020Patents on Kaletra (Aluvia) HIV antiviral drugNoNone
Fortress and Labrador Diagnostics17 March 2020Patented diagnostics technologyNoUnknown
SMITHs Group21 March 2020PARAPAC Plus lightweight ventilatorsUnknownOnly available to members of UK Ventilator Challenge Consortium
University of California Berkeley Innovative Genomics Institute29 March 2020New technology related to COVID-19YesUnknown
Medtronic30 March 2020Puritan Bennett 560 Ventilator design materials and softwareNoShare-alike requirement for modifications; user registration and identification
Oxford University8 April 2020COVID-19-related IPRYesResulting products must be offered free of charge, at cost or at cost-plus
Allen Institute for AIApril 2020IPR in COVID-19 datasetsNoNone
Coordinated pledges
Wellcome Trust Publishers’ Pledgeb16 March 2020All publications relating to COVID-19 and coronavirusNoNone
Open COVID Pledgec7 April 2020Patents and/or copyrightsNoDefensive suspension of license if licensee asserts patents against licensor
Harvard–MIT– Stanford (HMS)7 April 2020All IPRYesFair pricing of resulting products and services
Open COVID-19 Declarationd7 May 2020Patents, utility models, designs, copyrightsNoNone
  1. aAll pledges are archived at bAs of 29 May 2020, includes 30 publishers of scientific journals and proceedings, including American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, British Medical Journal, Cell Press, Elsevier, Karger, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Public Library of Science, Royal Society, Science Journals, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and Wolters Kluwer. cAs of 24 August 2020, includes 30 companies and institutions, including Amazon, AT&T, Facebook, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Mitsubishi Electric, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Sandia National Laboratory and Uber. dAs of 24 August 2020, includes 96 Japanese industrial firms.