Supplementary Figure 13: Insertion analysis in cell lines. | Nature Biotechnology

Supplementary Figure 13: Insertion analysis in cell lines.

From: Large dataset enables prediction of repair after CRISPR–Cas9 editing in primary T cells

Supplementary Figure 13

(a) The average similarity and distance of the chromosomal positions between long insertions. We measure the similarity and distance for long insertions across biological samples at the same cut site (“Within cut site”), across different cut sites within the same gene (“Within gene”), and across random pairs of cut sites (“Shuffled control”). We report the results for each of three previously published data1, with 96 sites each. Bootstrap mean and standard deviation is shown. (b) The HiC contact map at the insertion site locations compared to three control cases in two other cell types (HEK293 and K562) across different HiC block sizes for insertion larger than 25 nucleotides1. The first two controls average the HiC contact map in the neighboring blocks of the insertion donor and cut site. The third control averages the HiC score among random blocks in the same cut site-donor site chromosome pairs. Bootstrap mean and standard error of the mean is shown.

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