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Supplementary Figure 9: Methods comparison.

From: Large dataset enables prediction of repair after CRISPR–Cas9 editing in primary T cells

Supplementary Figure 9

(a) Comparison of the performance of SPROUT, inDelphi and FORECasT in predicting frameshift, precision (defined as one minus the entropy of the deletion frequency), and fraction of indel mutant reads with insertion on four independent validation sets. The results for frameshift and precision are reported in terms of accuracy and the results for fraction insertion is in terms of R2. (b) Scatter plot of the experimentally observed vs. predicted fraction of indel mutated reads with insertion in T cells. (c) Comparison of the performance of SPROUT with inDelphi and FORECasT in ranking guides within randomly selected genes in the T cell data by the fraction of frame-shift outcomes and 1-bp insertions. The original T cells has 304 sites, new T cells I has 32 sites, New T cells II has 182 sites and iPSC has 30 sites. Bootstrap mean and standard deviation is shown in each table.

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