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Author Correction: Brain leaks and consumer neurotechnology

Correction to: Nature Biotechnology, published online 6 September 2018.

In the version of this article initially published, StarStim8 was misspelled StartSim8 and Flappy Whale was described as using EEG and MEG; it uses only EEG. The legend to Table 1 read “CES, cranial electrotherapy stimulation; PCS, transcranial pulsed current stimulation; TNS, trigeminal nerve stimulation”; the correct legend is “CES, cranial electrotherapy stimulation; ECG, electrocardiography; EMG, electromyography; TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation; TNS, trigeminal nerve stimulation; tPCS, transcranial pulsed current stimulation; tRCS, transcranial rippled current stimulation.” The table also indicated that the Ultracortex ‘Mark IV’ EEG Headset uses EEG, MEG and ECG; that the Cefaly uses external tRNS; and that the Thync uses tDCS; in fact, the Ultracortex uses EEG, EMG and ECG; the Cefaly uses external TNS; and the Thync uses tDCS and TENS. The manufacturer of the Cefaly was given as Roxon (Canada); the correct manufacturer is Cefaly Technology (Belgium). The table heading “Type of data collected” should have read “Type of data collected or stimulation.” The errors have not been corrected in the original article. A corrected Table 1 appears here.

Table 1 Neurotechnologies that are already marketed DTC

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