Correction to: Nature Published online 24 July 2020

We have inadvertently included descriptions of induced pluripotent stems cells (iPSCs) in the manuscript Riva et al (2020), Figs. 4c–e, in text (Evaluation in primary human cell models), methods (Validation of antiviral activity in human iPSC-derived pneumocyte-like cells) and Extended Data Fig. 9, when in fact pneumocytes were derived from H9 human embryonic stem cell lines (hESCs). The use of the human embryonic stem cell H9 (hPSC1) lines was approved by The Mount Sinai Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight (ESCRO) committee, which provides oversight of all issues related to derivation and use of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines. This error does not impact the interpretations and conclusions of the study.