Retraction to: Nature Published online 20 June 2002

The Editors have retracted this article because concerns have been raised regarding some of the panels shown in Figure 6, specifically:

  • the lower half of Figure 6a (CD45/β-gal) appears to be identical to the upper half of Figure 6e (Gr-1/β-gal)

  • the upper right corner of Figure 6m appears to have two regions that are duplicated within the upper right corner itself

The original images for Figures 6a, 6e and 6m could not be retrieved by the authors; therefore the Editors no longer have confidence that the conclusion that multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs) engraft in the bone marrow is supported.

Given the concerns above the Editors no longer have confidence in the reliability of the data reported in this article.

Balkrishna N. Jahagirdar, R. Lee Reinhardt, Robert E. Schwartz, C. Dirk Keene, Xilma R. Ortiz-Gonzalez, Morayma Reyes, Todd Lenvik, Troy Lund, Sara Aldrich, Aaron Lisberg, Walter C. Low, David A. Largaespada and Catherine M. Verfaillie agree with this retraction. Mark Blackstad has not responded to correspondence from the Editors about this retraction. The Editors were not able to obtain a current email address for Yuehua Jiang and Jingbo Du.