Correction to: Nature Published online 25 November 2019

This article reports the cryo-EM structural analysis of human Cav3.1 alone and in complex with a Cav3 selective antagonist Z944. In Fig. 3e and Extended Data Fig. 6a, residue Lys1462 was incorrectly identified to play a key role in the subtype-specific sensitivity to Z944, due to deficiencies in the protocol design, implementation, and data analysis of the electrophysiological characterizations. Details for these technical issues are reported in Huang et al.1. Using a corrected protocol by Jiaofeng Chen and Xueqin Jin, Phe956 was shown to be a key residue that confers subtype-selectivity for Z944. A revised version of Fig. 3e, Extended Data Fig. 6a, Extended Data Table 2, Supplementary Fig. 3 and Fig. 3 source data are now provided as Supplementary Information accompanying this amendment.