Correction to: Nature Published online 17 August 2022

In the version of the article originally published, the authors noticed that the unit of time under Methods, ‘Measurement of enzymatic parameters’, for the recombinant LACC1 in vitro activity was inadvertently shown as seconds instead of minutes. Based on this discrepancy, the x axes in Extended Data Fig. 2a–e have been corrected to “t(min)”; the y axes in Fig. 1c and e, Extended Data Fig. 1e and f and Extended Data Fig. 2f have been corrected to “µM/h”; and in Fig. 1d the units for kcat have been corrected to “h–1” and for kcat/Km to “h–1 M–1.” These measured in vitro parameters could be consistent with reported cyanate values of about 45 nM in human plasma (ref. 23 in the article; Lundquist, P. et al., Anal. Biochem. 211, 23–27 (1993)). The errors have been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.