Correction to: Nature Published online 7 September 2022

In the version of this article initially published online, the Author contributions section was truncated. It has been amended to read “R.K., T.A.N., K.R.M. and D.R.L. designed the study and analysed the data. R.K. and T.A.N. performed mouse genetic experiments with assistance from A.G. M.P., M.X. and J.T. performed early experiments to launch the study. K.R.M. and R.K. performed intravital multiphoton microscopy. R.K., S.H. and M.S. performed CITE-seq studies. A.T.S. and C.A.L. performed scRNA-seq. R.K., L.K., Y.H. and J.M.G. did bioinformatics analyses. J.W., M.S.A. and J.M.G. provided biological samples, genomics data and experimental support. H.P., T.M.L., I.A., J.M.B. and P.M.A. contributed mouse strains. H.P. contributed phenotypic analysis. R.K. and D.R.L. wrote the manuscript, with input from the other authors. D.R.L. supervised the research” in the HTML and PDF versions of the article.