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Publisher Correction: A solar C/O and sub-solar metallicity in a hot Jupiter atmosphere

The Original Article was published on 27 October 2021

Correction to: Nature online 27 October 2021

In the version of this article initially published, refs. 26,27,28 were missing from the print version and are provided below. In the online version, refs. 33–36 were disordered, where Coles, 2010; Rothman, 2010; Hargreaves, 2020; Li, 2015 now appear as Rothman, 2010; Hargreaves, 2020; Li, 2015; Coles, 2010 for refs. 33–36, respectively. In the last paragraph of “Extended results, Retrieved constraints” section, in the text now reading “For legacy with past works we also include the ‘classic’13,14,29,50 CCF analysis,” ref. 30 initially appeared in place of ref. 29. In the first paragraph of “Extended results, Physical plausibility assessment” section, the sentence now reading “We assess the physical/chemical plausibility of the retrieved quantities with a one-dimensional radiative convective thermochemical equilibrium53–55,” ref. 56 initially appeared in place of ref. 55. In the second paragraph of the “Physical plausibility assessment” section, the text now reading “what would be nominally predicted56,59” initially appeared with refs. 59,61. In the final paragraph of the Methods section and in the Extended Data Fig. 7 caption, ref. 67 citations initially appeared as ref. 68. In the “Extended results, Elemental abundance determination and interpretation” section, fourth paragraph, “the O-based measurements” corrects “the-based O measurements.” Further, in Fig. 2a, the lower x-axis label “log 10nH2O” was missing and has been restored. These errors have been corrected in the online version of the article.


  1. Atreya, S. K. et al. The origin and evolution of Saturn, with exoplanet perspective. Preprint at (2016).

  2. Thorngren, D. & Fortney, J. J. Connecting giant planet atmosphere and interior modeling: constraints on atmospheric metal enrichment. Astrophys. J. Lett. 874, L31 (2019).

  3. Burrows, A. & Sharp, C. M. Chemical equilibrium abundances in brown dwarf and extrasolar giant planet atmospheres. Astrophys. J. 512, 843–863 (1999).

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Line, M.R., Brogi, M., Bean, J.L. et al. Publisher Correction: A solar C/O and sub-solar metallicity in a hot Jupiter atmosphere. Nature 601, E3 (2022).

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