Correction to: Nature online 27 January 2021

In Fig. 3h of this Article, along the bottom row labelled ‘IL-2’, the third lane (above the ‘WT’ bracket) should be a plus and not a minus symbol, and the fourth lane (above the ‘Aim2−/−’ bracket) should be a minus and not a plus; from left to right, the symbols for the ‘IL-2’ row should therefore be: ‘− − + − − +’. In Extended Data Fig. 2k, the first label should be ‘IL-17AIFNγ+’ rather than ‘IL-17A+IFNγ’, and the third label should be ‘IL-17A+IFNγ’ rather than ‘IL-17AIFNγ+’. In addition, in the final sentence of the Fig. 4 legend, the text should be ‘two-sided t-test (ac, e right, m right)’ and not ‘two-sided t-test (ac, e right)’. The original Article has been corrected online.