Extended Data Table 4 Various measured quantities that are used towards calculating the scattering probability into each product state-pair

From: Precision test of statistical dynamics with state-to-state ultracold chemistry

  1. These include the number of cycles over which ion counts are accumulated Cexp, the number of simultaneous counts nsim, the background level nbkgd, and the background fluctuation \({\rm{\delta }}{n}_{{\rm{b}}{\rm{k}}{\rm{g}}{\rm{d}}}\). The values for nsim, nbkgd, and \({\rm{\delta }}{n}_{{\rm{b}}{\rm{k}}{\rm{g}}{\rm{d}}}\) are obtained after the momentum-based screening is applied. The coincidence counts for each state-pair are calculated as ncoin = nsim – nbkgd. Also included are the (base 10) logarithm of the state-specific P-values used towards hypothesis testing. †Energetically forbidden state-pairs.