Extended Data Table 4 Mean per cent of the true range (defined as range observed by USGS/G-REALM) observed by ICESat-2, grouped by lake area

From: Human alteration of global surface water storage variability

  1. Among lakes with both USGS and ICESat-2 (lakes smaller than 1,000 km2) or both G-REALM and ICESat-2 (lakes larger than 1,000 km2) data, here we report the mean, 25th percentile and 75th percentile of the ‘true’ range observed by ICESat-2. Note that this percentage increases with lake area. Finally, the per cent of total lake storage variability associated with lakes of that size is included to demonstrate that—although we probably underestimate the true range of small lakes more than large lakes—the overall impact on total storage estimates is small, because large lakes (>100 km2) account for the vast majority of total storage variability.
  2. *Per cent of true range observed by ICESat-2 calculated using G-REALM.