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Extended Data Fig. 1: Cryo-EM structure determination.

From: Atomic-resolution protein structure determination by cryo-EM

Extended Data Fig. 1

a, Image processing pipeline. See Methods for details. b, Fourier-shell-correlation plots for independently refined half-maps (Half maps) and full map versus model (Map to model). c, Histogram of local resolution for the final 1.25 Å map obtained with relion postprocess using a small soft spherical mask. d, Final map colored by local resolution. e, Defocus distribution for the total set of 10,398 micrographs. f, Linear magnification distortions as estimated by relion_ctf_refine for the present Krios Mono/BCOR data and data from a standard Titan Krios (EMPIAR-10216). g, Relative magnification variation in the present data as determined by relion_ctf_refine. h, Angular distribution for the final map.

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