Fig. 1: Online ecology of vaccine views. | Nature

Fig. 1: Online ecology of vaccine views.

From: The online competition between pro- and anti-vaccination views

Fig. 1

a, Snapshot from 15 October 2019 of the connected component in the complex ecology of undecided (green), anti-vaccination (red) and pro-vaccination (blue) views comprising nearly 100 million individuals in clusters (pages) associated with the vaccine topic on Facebook. The colour segregation is an emergent effect (that is, not imposed). Cluster sizes are determined by the number of members of the Facebook page. Black rings show clusters with more than 50% out-link growth. Each link between nodes has the colour of the source node. b, Global spread of Fig. 1a for a small number of clusters. The ‘global ether’ represents clusters that remain global (grey). c, Anti-vaccination clusters have a stronger growth in cluster size. Each coloured dot is a node; data are from February–October 2019. d, Anti-vaccination individuals are an overall numerical minority compared with pro-vaccination individuals; however, anti-vaccination individuals form more separate clusters.

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