Extended Data Table 2 Allele-sharing statistics for deep ancestry

From: Ancient West African foragers in the context of African population history

  1. Variations of allele-sharing statistics (multiplied by 1,000; computed on 1,121,119 SNPs) sensitive to ancestry in the test population X from a deeply-splitting lineage, along with Z-scores for difference from zero. The zero level has a different meaning depending on which population is in the second position in the statistic. Blank entries are statistics that are confounded by specific relationships between the test population and one of the reference populations (in the third or fourth position; either duplication of the same group, Agaw with Han owing to ancestry related to non-Africans, or Yoruba with other West Africans). From the statistics f4(Mursi or Agaw, Han; ancient South African hunter-gatherers, Yoruba), we find minimal differences in deep ancestry proportions among Han, Mursi, and Agaw; from f4(X, Mursi; chimpanzee, Yoruba), we obtain a value for ancient South African hunter-gatherers that is roughly twice as large as that for Central African hunter-gatherers. SA, ancient South African hunter-gatherers; Yor, Yoruba.