Extended Data Fig. 10: Spin-resolved ARPES data. | Nature

Extended Data Fig. 10: Spin-resolved ARPES data.

From: Prediction and observation of an antiferromagnetic topological insulator

Extended Data Fig. 10

a, Spin-integrated ARPES spectrum taken at 6 eV photon energy along the \(\bar{{\rm{K}}}\mbox{--}\bar{\Gamma }\mbox{--}\bar{{\rm{K}}}\) direction. Yellow and cyan curves show the location of the gapped TSS. b, Spin-resolved ARPES spectra taken at the \(\bar{\Gamma }\)-point with respect to the out-of-plane spin quantization axis. The out-of-plane spin polarization is shown below the corresponding spin-up and spin-down spectra. cd, Measured out-of-plane (c) and in-plane (d) spin polarization at different momentum values. The in-plane spin polarization changes its sign with k, as expected for the TSS. The change of the out-of-plane spin polarization sign at k = +0.1 Å–1 near the Fermi level in c (bottom) is discussed in the Methods section ‘Dichroic ARPES measurements’. The data in a, b and c, d were acquired on B and D samples, respectively. The measurements were performed at T = 300 K.

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