Extended Data Table 4 Lifespan assays upon H3K4me3-targeting RNAi treatment

From: Developmental ROS individualizes organismal stress resistance and lifespan

  1. Worms were treated with the indicated RNAi and sorted into L2ox and L2red at the F2 generation (experiments 1–4).
  2. &The corresponding empty-vector controls for experiments 1–4 are shown in Extended Data Table 1 experiments 7–10. Worms were treated with 1 mM paraquat for 10 h at the L2 stage following RNAi treatment with ash-2 or set-2 (experiments 5 and 6). P values for Kaplan–Meier survival analysis were calculated on the basis of the log-rank (Mantel–Cox) method. Samples were compared with the respective L2ox or untreated control. Maximum lifespan was defined as the lifespan of the last 10% of the population.
  3. *Percentage change based on mean lifespan.
  4. †Percentage change based on maximum lifespan.
  5. ‡Grx1–roGFP2 ratio of L2ox and L2red subpopulations, based on BioSorter analysis during sorting. Data are mean ± s.e.m. n, number of worms. Two-sided unpaired t-test.