Publisher Correction: Harnessing innate immunity in cancer therapy

Correction to: Nature online 2 October 2019

In this Review, owing to an error during the production process, an incorrect version of Supplementary Table 1 was published. This has now been updated, and for transparency to readers the original Supplementary Table 1 is provided as Supplementary Information to this Amendment. Additionally, there were errors in the citations in the paragraph beginning ‘The interplay between innate and adaptive immunity…’. These have been amended and references 11–13 have been renumbered in the reference list accordingly. The original reference 11 (Scheper et al., Low and variable tumor reactivity of the intratumoral TCR repertoire in human cancers. Nat. Med. 25, 89–94 (2019)) is no longer cited in the Review, and reference 13 (Crozat et al., 2010) has been added and is cited in the above paragraph. The original Review has been corrected online.

Supplementary Information is available in the online version of this Amendment.

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Correspondence to Eric Vivier.

Supplementary information

Supplementary Table 1

This file contains the uncorrected version of Supplementary Table 1.

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Demaria, O., Cornen, S., Daëron, M. et al. Publisher Correction: Harnessing innate immunity in cancer therapy. Nature 576, E3 (2019) doi:10.1038/s41586-019-1758-2

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