Extended Data Table 3 Overview of core set of scenarios available in this study and their design specifications

From: A new scenario logic for the Paris Agreement long-term temperature goal

  1. Each triplet of peak warming year, average annual emissions until net zero, and average annual net negative emissions levels defines one scenario and is represented by one red diamond in Fig. 1. All scenarios have been modelled under SSP1 and SSP2 assumptions. Scenarios marked with a hash have additionally been modelled under SSP3 assumptions. Further CCS and bioenergy variations are available for a subset of scenarios with peak warming in 2050 and achieving 0, 1, 2, or 3 Pg C per year of net negative emissions by the end of the century. Grey shaded scenario specifications are scenarios for which further sensitivity cases have been developed, as indicated in Extended Data Table 4. Sensitivity cases are illustrated in Fig. 3. The cases highlighted here are labelled A in Fig. 3. One unit of Pg C equals 3.664 units of Gt CO2. Values in Gt CO2 per year are provided between brackets, rounded to the nearest unit. The scenario shown in Extended Data Fig. 2b is indicated in braces.