Extended Data Table 2 Results of the meta-analysis

From: Genetic analyses of diverse populations improves discovery for complex traits

  1. 1Meta-analysis with previously reported height data24.
  2. 2Meta-analysis with previously reported BMI data23.
  3. 3Known loci include only the 425 height loci and 74 BMI loci from GIANT.
  4. 4Novel loci were identified as P > 5 × 10−8 in the GIANT-only dataset and P > 5 × 10−8 in the specified analyses.
  5. 5Novel, shared loci were identified as P > 5 × 10−9 in both GIANT+PAGE and GIANT+UKB50k datasets.
  6. 6Novel, unshared loci were identified as P > 5 × 10−9 in either GIANT+PAGE or GIANT+UKB50k, but not in both datasets.
  7. 7A modest number of known loci were significant in the GIANT-only GWAS, but not in the meta-analyses. These known loci were still included in PVE calculations.