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Author Correction: Future response of global coastal wetlands to sea-level rise

The Original Article was published on 12 September 2018

Correction to: Nature, published online 12 September 2018.

In Fig. 2b of this Letter, ‘Relative wetland change (km2)’ should have read ‘Relative wetland change (%)’. Equation (3), applied in conjunction with the model parameters reported, could not reproduce the presented model results because it did not match the published model code ( In the published model code, equation (3) reads ‘Sedcrit = n × [(RSLR + j)/TRe]’, which transforms into the originally published equation (3) when n = 1/m and j = −i. Failure to compare equation (3) as derived from equation (2) with the form of equation (3) that was used in the model code led to this error. To enable full reconstruction of the modelling results with the reported model parameters, equation (3) has been changed from ‘Sedcrit = (RSLR − i)/(m × TRe)’ to ‘Sedcrit = m × [(RSLR + i)/TRe]’, and equation (2) has been changed from ‘RSLRcrit = (m × TRe) × Sed + i’, in which (m × TRe) represents the slope of a linear relationship between RSLRcrit and Sed’ to ‘RSLRcrit = [(1/m) × TRe] × Sed − i’, in which [(1/m) × TRe] represents the slope of the linear relationship between RSLRcrit and Sed. Equation (3) can now be used to reproduce the reported results using the values of the model parameters as reported. These changes do not affect the model results and conclusions in any way. We thank Faming Wang, Christian Sanders, James Morris, Ying Huang and Jianwu Tang for bringing this mistake to our attention. These errors have been corrected online.

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Schuerch, M., Spencer, T., Temmerman, S. et al. Author Correction: Future response of global coastal wetlands to sea-level rise. Nature 569, E8 (2019).

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