Extended Data Fig. 2: Helicoid arcs in RhSi. | Nature

Extended Data Fig. 2: Helicoid arcs in RhSi.

From: Topological chiral crystals with helicoid-arc quantum states

Extended Data Fig. 2

a, Energy dispersion cut on an inner loop of radius 0.18π/a enclosing \(\bar{{\rm{M}}}\). b, Lorentzian fits (red traces) to the MDCs (blue dots) to track the observed chiral edge modes. c, d, Similar analysis to a and b, but for an outer loop of radius 0.23π/a. Black arrows show the Fermi velocity direction for the chiral edge modes. e, f, Top (e) and perspective (f) view of the helicoid dispersion extracted from the MDCs, plotted on two concentric loops, suggesting a clockwise spiral with decreasing binding energy. g, Constant-energy contours calculated ab initio, showing a consistent helicoid structure.

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