Retraction Note: A homing system targets therapeutic T cells to brain cancer

Retraction to: Nature, published online 05 September 2018.

The authors are retracting this paper to correct the scientific literature, due to issues with figure presentation and underlying data. The authors cannot confirm at present the results in the affected figures and thus would wish to retract the paper. Authors Antonella Pignata, Kristen Fousek, Jun Ren, Fong W. Lam, Fabio Stossi, Julien Dubrulle, Vita S. Salsman, Shanmugarajan Krishnan, Sung-Ha Hong, Matthew L. Baker, Ankita Shree, Ahmed Z. Gad, Thomas Shum, Dai Fukumura, Tiara T. Byrd, Malini Mukherjee, Sean P. Marrelli, Jordan S. Orange, Sujith K. Joseph, Poul H. Sorensen, Michael D. Taylor, Meenakshi Hegde, Maksim Mamonkin, Rakesh K. Jain, Shahenda El-Naggar and Nabil Ahmed agree with the Retraction. Author Heba Samaha disagrees with the Retraction.

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Samaha, H., Pignata, A., Fousek, K. et al. Retraction Note: A homing system targets therapeutic T cells to brain cancer. Nature 567, 132 (2019).

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