Extended Data Fig. 6: Sample cryo-EM density. | Nature

Extended Data Fig. 6: Sample cryo-EM density.

From: Structures of an RNA polymerase promoter melting intermediate elucidate DNA unwinding

Extended Data Fig. 6

Stereo views of cryo-EM density (blue mesh) and superimposed models. a, Protein–DNA interactions for template-strand DNA of RPo. b, Downstream single-strand–double-strand fork junction of RPo. The template-strand +1 position (transcription start site, T + 1; lemon green) is unpaired and positioned near the RNAP active-site Mg2+ (not visible in this view). c, Same view as b, but showing cryo-EM density and model for RP2. The T + 1 nucleotide (lemon green) is base-paired with the non-template strand and more than 30 Å away from the RNAP active-site Mg2+.