Fig. 1: Transcriptome-wide inference of transcriptional burst kinetics. | Nature

Fig. 1: Transcriptome-wide inference of transcriptional burst kinetics.

From: Genomic encoding of transcriptional burst kinetics

Fig. 1

a, Allele-resolution kinetics inferred from scRNA-seq data. The total expression for the Mbln2 gene (top) was separated into allelic expression (maternal: middle; paternal: bottom). Inference was performed independently on total expression and allele-level expression to illustrate that allele-level inference has the required resolution, with expression measured as observed RNA molecules. b, Inferred burst kinetics for each gene (CAST allele) in primary fibroblasts (red dots, 7,186 genes). Blue contours indicate the inference precision defined as the width of the confidence interval divided by the point estimate from simulated observations (Supplementary Methods). Burst size in units of observed RNA molecules. c, Histogram of inferred burst frequencies for CAST allele in primary fibroblasts, in timescale of mRNA degradation rate. d, Histogram of inferred burst sizes (observed RNA molecules) for CAST allele in primary fibroblasts. e, Scatter plot comparing inferred burst frequencies with gene-specific mRNA degradation rates (x axis) against inferred burst frequencies that did not use mRNA degradation rates (using the average degradation rate for all genes). Genes with the 50 longest (green) and shortest (red) mRNA degradation rates are marked. Data from ES cells and CAST allele. f, Histogram of allele-level waiting times between bursts (data from ES cells and CAST allele). g, Scatter plot showing the inferred gene inactivation (koff) and activation (kon) rates, highlighting that genes have higher koff than kon values. Data from fibroblast and CAST allele.