Extended Data Table 1 CH4(aq) concentration, fluxes and areal yield from LG, the GrIS and other world rivers

From: Greenland melt drives continuous export of methane from the ice-sheet bed

  1. Diffusive fluxes are calculated as grand means, except for the LG runoff diffusive flux, which corresponds to the medium flux scenario (scenario B in Fig. 2; see Methods for details). Except for the Amazon and Congo, lateral fluxes and yields are calculated using discharge-weighted means; see Supplementary Information 1c for references and calculation details.
  2. †The GrIS-wide CH4(aq) flux was estimated using the LG discharge-weighted CH4(aq) concentration mean applied to the entire dataset of GrIS runoffs; this number is therefore speculative and was included for reference only.
  3. ‡From ref. 37. Areal yields are for entire catchment areas, whereas diffusive fluxes refer to stream surface areas.