Extended Data Fig. 6: Amino acid analysis data from MH 432. | Nature

Extended Data Fig. 6: Amino acid analysis data from MH 432.

From: Soft-tissue evidence for homeothermy and crypsis in a Jurassic ichthyosaur

Extended Data Fig. 6

ad, Liquid chromatography condition I. a, Standard amino acids (200 pmol per 4 μl). b, Sample 7a, liver (a 4-μl portion of 8.51 mg per 170 μl). c, Sample 13d, integument (a 4-μl portion of 10.27 mg per 206 μl). d, Sample 14a, sediment (a 4-μl portion of 10.05 mg per 201 μl). eh, Liquid chromatography condition II. e, Standard amino acids (200 pmol per 4 μl). f, Sample 7a, liver (a 5-μl portion of 8.51 mg per 340 μl). g, Sample 13d, integument (a 5-μl portion of 10.27 mg per 411 μl). h, Sample 14a, sediment (a 5-μl portion of 10.05 mg per 402 μl). Chromatograms for the unstable amino acids asparagine, cysteine, glutamine and tryptophan were omitted from the figure. Additionally, aspartic acid, methionine and tyrosine were not detected (either owing to their low ionization efficacy or lability). Peaks with retention times similar to those of glycine and serine in the condition-II chromatograms derive from impurities (as demonstrated by the corresponding amino acid peaks in the condition-I chromatograms). Data from condition I were used for alanine, glutamic acid, glycine and serine; data from condition II were used for all other amino acids. The solvent for standard amino acids and extracted samples was 0.1 M HCl. hSer, homoserine. ‘x’ denotes an impurity.

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