Extended Data Table 1 Distribution of unmodelled glaciers

From: Twentieth-century contribution to sea-level rise from uncharted glaciers

  1. Each RGI region may contain glaciers for which the model fails. Antarctic and Subantarctic peripheral glaciers all fail owing to the absence of CRU data for the appropriate latitudes, while in other regions the iteration to find an initial 1901 glacier area fails in a minority of cases. The percentage of glacierized area in each region that cannot be modelled is shown alongside the percentage of global small-glacier area (all glaciers less than 100.3 km2 in size) in each region (which relates to how much the region affects the upscaling of small glaciers to account for uncharted glaciers). Notably, the Greenland Periphery region contains a disproportionately large amount of the world’s total small-glacier area, while the Antarctic and Subantarctic region contains relatively little. At present, we are unable to determine whether this is primarily due to differing regional distributions (for example, Antarctica has more large glaciers but fewer small glaciers than Greenland) or differing data quality.