Extended Data Table 3 Minimum cost per unit impulse, values and comparison by species

From: Remarkable muscles, remarkable locomotion in desert-dwelling wildebeest

  1. a, Minimum cost per unit impulse (J kg−1)/(s × kPa). Mean minimum values (1 value per fibre bundle) for contractions with sinusoidal movement at any of the tested duty cycles and phases (wildebeest) and during isometric contraction at a stimulation duty cycle of 0.4 (wildebeest and cow). b, Comparison of cost per unit impulse of muscle fibre bundles from rats, wildebeest and cows. Rat values are based on a previous study35. ‘Dur’ is the duration of stimulation under isometric conditions. For rat data, isometric stress was 186 kPa (based on wet mass), having been converted from the reported value of 0.93 N m g−1 dry mass, using wet mass/dry mass = 5. Impulse was duration × isometric stress. Wildebeest and cow values are reported here. See text and isometric values (downwards triangles) in Fig. 3d, h. Duration = 3 contractions × 0.8 s per contraction.