Extended Data Table 1 Types and dates of data collection in UK Biobank

From: The UK Biobank resource with deep phenotyping and genomic data

  1. aThe baseline visit (including the touchscreen questionnaire, physical measures and biological sampling) was repeated approximately 5 years later (2012–2013) in a subset of 20,000 participants and in those who attended an imaging assessment centre (2014–2022).
  2. bIncludes 70,000 participants who completed the diet online questionnaire at the end of the recruitment visit48.
  3. cA repeat assessment of physical activity on four occasions over a 12-month period is being collected on 2,5000 of these participants (2018–2019).
  4. dBiochemistry markers were measured in the baseline sample for 500,000 participants and in the repeat assessment sample for 20,000 participants. The urinary biomarkers were made available in 2016; the serum and red blood cell markers available are pending (at the time of press).
  5. eThe imaging study includes brain, heart and body MRI, carotid ultrasound and 12-lead ECG scan and a full-body dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scan, plus a repeat of the baseline assessment (including biological sampling). Repeat imaging in a subset of participants is expected to start in 2019.
  6. fData are currently available for 25,000 participants, with the remaining 75,000 participants to attend over the next few years. See Supplementary Table 1 for further information about these data types.