Retraction to: Nature, published online 13 July 2011; corrected online 25 January 2012; corrected online 16 September 2015.

This Letter is being retracted owing to issues with Fig. 1d and Supplementary Fig. 31b, and the unavailability of original data for these figures, which raises concerns regarding the integrity of the figures. Nature published two previous corrections related to this Letter1,2. These issues in aggregate undermine the confidence in the integrity of this study. Authors Michael Foley, Monica Schenone, Nicola J. Tolliday, Todd R. Golub, Steven A. Carr, Alykhan F. Shamji, Andrew M. Stern and Stuart L. Schreiber agree with the Retraction. Authors Lakshmi Raj, Takao Ide, Aditi U. Gurkar, Anna Mandinova and Sam W. Lee disagree with the Retraction. Author Xiaoyu Li did not respond.