Correction to: Nature, published online 7 June 2017.

In the originally published version of this Letter, the x axis in Fig. 3a should have been: ‘PC1: 26%’ rather than ‘PC1: 46%’, and the y axis should have been: ‘PC2: 16%’ rather than ‘PC2: 29%’. We also noticed an error in the numbering of the fossils from Qafzeh: Qafzeh 27 should be removed, and Qafzeh 26 is actually Qafzeh 25, following Tillier (2014)1 and Schuh et al. (2017)2 and personal communication with B. Vandermeersch and M. D. Garralda. The correct enumeration of Qafzeh samples in the ‘Mandibular metric data’ section of the Methods is therefore: ‘Qafzeh (9, 25)’ rather than ‘Qafzeh (9, 26, 27)’. Owing to the removal of Qafzeh 27, the convex hull of early modern humans changes slightly in Extended Data Fig. 1c. The sample sizes in Extended Data Fig. 1c should have read: Middle Pleistocene archaic Homo n = 19 (instead of 11), Neanderthals n = 40 (instead of 41), early modern humans n = 12 (instead of 7), and recent modern humans n = 46 (instead of 48). In Extended Data Table 2, the mean and standard deviation of corpus height and breadth at mental foramen for early modern humans should have been: \(\bar{x}\) = 33.15, σ = 3.26 for height (rather than \(\bar{x}\) = 34.23, σ = 4.57); and \(\bar{x}\) = 16.25, σ = 1.28 for breadth (rather than \(\bar{x}\) = 16.04, σ = 1.75). Accordingly, n = 12 (rather than n = 13) for both breadth and height. These errors have been corrected in the Letter online (the original Extended Data Fig. 1 is shown in Supplementary Information to this Amendment). These changes do not alter any inferences drawn from the data.

Supplementary Information is available in the online version of this Amendment.