Extended Data Fig. 9: Phylogenetic results. | Nature

Extended Data Fig. 9: Phylogenetic results.

From: Late-surviving stem mammal links the lowermost Cretaceous of North America and Gondwana

Extended Data Fig. 9

a, Consensus cladogram from Bayesian analysis in MrBayes 3.231. Branches are not drawn proportional to lengths. Clade support values shown at the nodes are Bayesian posterior probabilities (0.50–1.0). b, Strict consensus of 1,920 equally parsimonious trees (tree score = 2,776 steps; consistency index = 0.317; retention index = 0.795) from the parsimony analysis in TNT 1.135. Values at nodes are bootstrap values above 50% (first number (before the solidus)) and Bremer indices (second number (after the solidus)).

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