Table 1 Summary of the Tu genome assembly and annotation

From: Genome sequence of the progenitor of wheat A subgenome Triticum urartu

Genome assembly Estimated genome size 4.94 Gb
GC content 45.93%
N50 length (contig) 344 kb
Longest contig 3.00 Mb
Total length of contigs 4.79 Gb
N50 length (scaffold) 3.67 Mb
Longest scaffold 18.76 Mb
Total length of scaffolds 4.86 Gb
Transposable elements Annotation Per cent Total length
Retrotransposons 71.83 3.44 Gb
DNA transposons 7.41 0.35 Gb
Others 2.19 0.10 Gb
Total 81.42 3.90 Gb
Protein-coding genes Predicted genes 41,507
Average transcript length 1,453 bp
Average coding sequence length 998 bp
Average exon length 320 bp
Average intron length 508 bp
Functionally annotated 36,602