Extended Data Table 2 Genotype A predicted recombination break points and P values

From: Ancient hepatitis B viruses from the Bronze Age to the Medieval period

  1. a, The P values assigned to the predicted genotype A recombination by the seven methods used by RDP451, in the order given by RDP4. The number of sequences in which the recombination was predicted is always six, corresponding to the four ancient and two modern genotype A sequences. b, The predicted start and end break points for each of the six genotype A sequences. Sequences are ordered from oldest to youngest. The 99% confidence intervals for the start and end points are shown (n = 15 sequences analysed in all cases), and are identical for all sequences. The predicted break points are close to the boundaries of the polymerase. For example, for the modern genotype A sequence LC074724, the polymerase is found in regions 1–1623 and 2307–3221 and the predicted break points are 1622 and 2256. If recombination formed an HBV-RISE387/HBV-RISE386 ancestor, it is possible that the entire polymerase gene was contributed by one parent.