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The Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal: improving access to multi-omics data

Built by and for the research community, the Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal (MSK-KP) offers researchers a single integrated platform on which to display, access, distill and explore results from large genomic and epigenomic studies to formulate hypotheses and accelerate the development of patient-centered therapeutics for complex, multi-factorial conditions such as osteoarthritis.

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Fig. 1: The Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal serves the research community.


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Correspondence to Jennifer J. Westendorf.

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D.P.K. declares he has received grant funding to his institution from Amgen, Radius Health and Solarea Bio; serves on scientific advisory boards for Pfizer and Solarea Bio; and has received royalties for publication in UpToDate from Wolters Kluwer. The other authors declare no competing interests.

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