Author Correction: Major lung complications of systemic sclerosis

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Nature Reviews Rheumatology (2018) Published online 15 August 2018

In the originally published version of this article, Table 2 contained an error. In this table, the statement “Also licensed for CTEPH; cannot be combined with a PDE5 inhibitor” was in the wrong row and incorrectly attributed to the drug selexipag, whereas this statement was actually referring to the drug riociguat. Furthermore, the reference supporting this statement was incorrect. These errors have now been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Christopher P. Denton.

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Denton, C.P., Wells, A.U. & Coghlan, J.G. Author Correction: Major lung complications of systemic sclerosis. Nat Rev Rheumatol 14, 682 (2018) doi:10.1038/s41584-018-0108-3

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