Fig. 2: Microdroplet-based scRNA-seq. | Nature Reviews Nephrology

Fig. 2: Microdroplet-based scRNA-seq.

From: Single-cell RNA sequencing for the study of development, physiology and disease

Fig. 2

A microfluidics system is used to make microdroplets, which contain cells mixed with beads that are encapsulated in oil. Each bead has oligonucleotides that are uniquely barcoded for that bead and are in a solution that contains a mild detergent, which lyses the cells after mixing. The RNAs from the lysed cell anneal to the bead oligonucleotides, and subsequent reverse transcription incorporates the bead-specific barcode into the cDNA, thereby allowing the sequences of those cDNAs to be assigned to a specific cell. scRNA-seq, single-cell RNA sequencing.

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