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Author Correction: Tissue damage from neutrophil-induced oxidative stress in COVID-19

The Original Article was published on 29 July 2020

Nature Reviews Immunology (2020) Published online 29 July 2020

In the originally published article, a sentence in the second last paragraph incorrectly used ‘thrombocytosis’ instead of ‘thrombosis’. This sentence has now been corrected to: ‘This results in biophysical and biomechanical changes in the RBC membrane that affect both the diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the deformability capability of RBCs in the capillary vessels, thereby favouring thrombosis.’

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Correspondence to Chrystel Becker.

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Laforge, M., Elbim, C., Frère, C. et al. Author Correction: Tissue damage from neutrophil-induced oxidative stress in COVID-19. Nat Rev Immunol 20, 579 (2020).

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