Effective study design for comparative functional genomics

Comparative studies struggle with the challenge of balancing technical properties with the requirement of obtaining samples from multiple species. Guidelines are needed to minimize the effect of confounders and increase the robustness of the inference. We argue for the paramount importance of extensive record keeping and reporting.

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The authors thank N. Gonzales, W. Dowd, M. Tobler, L. Barreiro, A. Pai, L. Blake and J. Tung for helpful comments on the manuscript. Y.G is. supported by NIGMS MIRA R35GM131726; J.L.K. is supported by NSF 1557795, 1906015 and 1931650.

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The authors contributed equally to all aspects of the article.

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Correspondence to Yoav Gilad.

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The authors declare no competing interests.

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